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Reunido el jurado de la "II Residencia de Composición" el día 20 de febrero de 2022 a las 19.30h (Europa-Madrid UTC+2), formado por los violonchelistas Germán Marcano (Venezuela), Séverine Ballon (Francia) y el compositor Voro García (España), ha acordado por unanimidad conceder la Residencia de Composición al compositor:

  • Luca Sutto (Italia)​

2-Sutto - Photo.jpeg


Luca Sutto is a composer, pianist and teacher born in Genoa, Italy. He began his musical studies with classical piano (Diploma of Arts in 2018), then Jazz Piano (Bachelor Of Arts in 2017) and finally Composition (Master of Arts 2019). In 2019 he won the OREAT Competition, sponsored by the Orchestra Toscanini of Parma, which performed his “Concertino per orchestra” (former “Voci Narranti”).

In 2019 he embarked on a post-graduate internship in Hamburg, Germany, under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Schubert. During this time he co-developed with Schubert the artificial intelligence project Av3ry, whose premiere took place at the Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Hellerau in Dresden, and worked as assistant for a joint project, focused on video and sound sampling, between the Ensemble Resonanz in Hamburg and IRCAM in Paris. In 2020 his first operetta, "Duett für Eine Stimme", was premiered at the Hamburger Sprechwerk, and he worked on several digital theater projects, such as "Der Steppenwolf" directed by Kerstin Steeb. In 2021 the first scene of the new play "Die Insel", based on a text by Cesare Pavese, was premiered in Orvieto, Italy. Another important work of this period is the Sonata for flute solo n.1 (Luxembourg 2021), and the Suite for Euphonium (Como, Italy 2021).


He currently teaches Composition and Improvisation at the Jungakademie in Relligen Germany, and works as a freelance composer and pianist.

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